The construction industry is consistently rated as one of the most dangerous industries in the nation by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This should come as no surprise: heights, dangerous chemicals, heavy machinery, and other hazards put construction workers at risk of suffering amputation, chemical or electrical burns, and other serious injuries. However, workplace injuries do not occur exclusively on a construction site – even an office building or retail store can house hazards that can cause serious injuries.

Employees injured in roofing accidents and other workplace injury incidents may be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. Where a third party other than the employer causes or contributes to a workplace injury, the injured worker may be able to bring a lawsuit against this person or entity to recover damages.

Negligent Third Parties May Be Accountable Through a Roofing or Workplace Injury Lawsuit

Kansas’ worker’s compensation laws prohibit injured workers from filing injury lawsuits against their employers for workplace injuries except in the most unusual of circumstances. However, negligent third parties who cause or contribute to workplace injuries can be named as defendants in workplace injury lawsuits. This can result, for example, where:

  • Other employees from a different employer are responsible for the accident: If you and your fellow employees are working on a roof (for example), and the employees of a different company cause your injuries by accidentally knocking you off of the roof or knocking your scaffolding over with heavy machinery, these employees – and their employer – may be held financially responsible;

  • The manufacturer of equipment or a product produces a defective product: Those who manufacture tools and equipment used by roofers, construction workers, and other employees have an obligation to make a product that is safe, works as intended, and is properly labeled so that it can be used safely. Manufacturers who fail to do so may be liable for injuries that result to workers and employees;

  • Passers-by or others cause the injury incident: Roofers and construction workers sometimes must work while other average, ordinary citizens go about their business nearby. A citizen who acts negligently and causes injury to a worker, though, can be held responsible. For example, a driver who speeds through a properly-marked construction zone on the highway and crashes into an area where you and fellow workers are repairing a road, thereby causing serious injury to you and others, can be responsible for the damages he or she causes.

Investigating the cause(s) of a workplace or roofing injury and determining whether you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits or compensation from a lawsuit is a job best left to an experienced Kansas workplace injury lawyer like Michael R. Lawless. He can assist you in applying for and obtaining worker’s compensation benefits, even if you have had your claim denied. He will also help determine whether a third-party workplace injury lawsuit can be filed and, if so, will help you pursue compensation through this avenue as well.

Why Retain a Workplace Injury Lawyer?

When you have been injured on the job and are unable to work, you need income so you can continue to meet your financial obligations and provide for your family. Having an experienced injury attorney like Michael R. Lawless can help you obtain this much-needed compensation quickly. He will also ensure all responsible parties are identified and held to account for their role in your injury, thereby helping ensure you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries. Do not delay: After a workplace injury, contact Michael R. Lawless right away by calling (800) 734-3771 or by contacting his office online.