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clietThe law firm of Michael R. Lawless, P.A., Attorney at Law represents clients in eastern Kansas, western Missouri, and the greater Kansas City area. Mike Lawless has practiced law for over 29 years, possessing the negotiating skills, trial experience, medical knowledge and insurance acumen to confidently pursue full compensation for every client.

We invite you to a free consultation at our Kansas home office or Missouri location (by appointment) to discuss whether we can be of service in your work injury or personal injury matter. Call 1-800-734-3771. We practice in the following areas:

Workplace Injuries

Workers’ Compensation — We explain the workers’ comp process to clients and can get involved at any stage: initial application, resubmitting claims to insurance companies, or appealing a case to an administrative law judge or a higher court. Mr. Lawless has a broad knowledge of all types of work-related injuries and what your claim for disability or permanent injury is probably worth.

Personal Injury

Auto Accidents — We use the same type of software programs that insurance adjusters use for case analysis and valuation and provide all the documentation insurance carriers need to approve a claim and pay the maximum value. When liability is contested, we investigate promptly to prove fault and build a case for settlement or trial. Mike Lawless is well-versed in insurance issues, including claims against uninsured and underinsured motorist policies.

Truck Accidents — Holding trucking companies accountable for serious injury requires knowledge of federal regulations and the causes of truck crashes. In order to maximize damages for our clients, we use experts to establish driver error or truck company negligence.

Motorcycle Accidents — Helping victims of motorcycle crashes secure full financial recovery after an accident. These types of accidents often result in catastrophic injuries, increasing the need for solid, experienced representation.

Bicycle Accidents — Kansas City is full of people who love to bike. Unfortunately, many bicyclists are injured every year due to careless car and truck drivers, dangerous road conditions, negligent bike manufacturers and other causes. We can help bicyclists secure the compensation they need and deserve.

Catastrophic Injury and Death — A permanent, life-changing personal injury requires assembling a variety of experts to predict medical recovery and project lifelong expenses for medical care and lost earning potential. We also represent family members in wrongful death actions to obtain justice and financial security for survivors.

Premises Liability — A slip and fall due to poor maintenance or construction, or an assault due to improper security measures opens property owners to liability for damages when the innocent are injured.

Nursing Home Negligence — We hold nursing homes and care facilities accountable for injury, illness, abuse or death resulting from the substandard care of patients.

Mesothelioma — We provide zealous advocacy for individuals who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma — a type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

Representing Roofing Contractors

Contract Disputes — We represent roofing contractors in legal disputes involving payment issues, roofing mistakes, property damage, reroofing projects and more.

Mechanic’s Liens for Roofing Contractors — If you are a roofing contractor and have not been paid for an independent contracting job, we can help you file a mechanic’s lien to secure payment.


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