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Homeowners’ Insurance is a very important protection for homeowners and property lien holders. This insurance policy protects those that have a financial interest in a property in an unfortunate and unforeseen natural disaster such as a tornado, flood, hailstorm, or any other natural disaster. Homeowners’ Insurance also covers a wide variety of other catastrophes like, water damage, mold, electrical fires, fire, termite damage and many other causes of serious property damage. Each policy and insurance company cover different catastrophes, so it is advisable that you have your policy reviewed to ensure you have the proper coverage.

Homeowners’ Insurance Denials, Bad Faith & “Failure to Pay” Claims in Kansas

In some cases, a homeowner will have a claim that will be filed with their Homeowners’ Insurance Company. This is the moment when your Homeowners’ Insurance Company is supposed to come to your rescue and protect your financial investment. However, many homeowners in Kansas are finding difficulties in obtaining the monies they are owed to them by the insurance company for costly home repairs. Sometimes a homeowner is shocked to find their insurance company is not “a good neighbor.” The homeowners sometimes finds themselves being challenged, or having a claim delayed or even denied.

This is the time in which you should call to speak with an experienced Kanas Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Attorney in order to protect your legal rights.

Kansas Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Attorney, Michael Lawless, has the experience you need to represent you in disputes with your insurance company. Attorney Lawless will carefully review your homeowners’ policy in order to determine the best cause of action. Attorney Lawless will communicate with your insurance company on your behalf in order to obtain the maximum financial payout you are legally owed.

Kansas City Homeowners’ Insurance Lawyer

Below are a few of the common claims filed against a homeowners’ insurance policy:

  • Fire Damage
  • Hail damage
  • Storm damage
  • Water damage
  • Electical Fire Damage
  • Smoke Damage
  • Theft of household goods such as electronics, jewelry, furniture, televisions, etc.

Whether you have a simple claim or a complex, high damages claim dispute, Attorney Lawless will review your claim thoroughly and will work hard to ensure your insurance company properly compensates on your claim.

HOMEOWNERS ROOF DAMAGE CLAIMS (taken from a client retired Colonel United States Army, West Point graduate endorsement letter.)

Why do you need a lawyer when you have substantial hail damage or other damage (ice damming) claim?

One homeowner, (described above) who has been through this process states:

If an individual (homeowner) is making a claim against an (insurance) company amounting to over $10,000.00, one must be represented by a lawyer specializing in the area pertaining to the claim. Normally, an individual has neither the resources nor the expertise to take on a large (insurance) company.

Specific Case: An insurance claim for storm damage to a roof. What is the rationale for hiring Michael R. Lawless, P.A., on a contingency basis to represent you to settle this claim on your behalf?

Here are some of the factors surrounding such a case.

  1. The insurance company is beholding to its stockholders, not to its insured customers carrying its insurance against storm damage to the homeowner’s roof. The insurance company does not increase its profits providing maximum reimbursement for any roof claim received.
  1. The insurance company will hare an adjuster to evaluate your roof’s damage. This adjuster remains employed by the insurance company. The adjuster will collects evidence only to deny or minimize the repair or replacement of your roof. He/she will be a smooth talker, but he/she is not your ally or your friend. The outside “consulting engineer” is hardly a neutral third party as implied by the insurance company in their ruse to get you to agree to a “third party arbitrator”. These consulting engineers have long standing relationships with your insurance carrier and a long history of denying homeowners claims. After all, that is what your insurance company is really paying them to do. Certainly, not to give an objective evaluation of the damage to your roof. Rather, they will say the roof was obsolete before the damage occurred or that it was poorly constructed originally and these are the reasons the roof now needs to be replaced, not the storm damage.
  1. Mr. Lawless in a expert in this type of litigation. He will guide your through the process, protect your interest an protect you from “giving away the farm” when you foolishly attempt to negotiate directly with the insurance company.
  1. You should contact Mr. Lawless before your contact the insurance company indicating that you have damage to your roof. He will have an expert present (representing you) when the insurance company-paid-adjuster arrives to minimize your claim. Your expert will be school trained and an expert on roofs. He will document and record the entire inspection of your roof and report on his own findings. If you can’t agree on the amount and cost to repair or replace your roof you will have substantial evidence to prove your case if it becomes necessary to go to trial.

We are the living example of how NOT to deal with an insurance company. Had we followed the steps above, our case would probably have been settled out of   court for the full amount of the claim. We did not hire Mr. Lawless until the insurance company collected volumes of information on our damaged roof without our own roofing expert being there.

In spite our stupidity, Mr. Lawless took the case to court and won judgment to replace one-third of our roof. The insurance company offered no amount of settlement prior to the court trial. The Court awarded Mr. Lawless thousands of dollars for his attorney’s fees and it cost us nothing.

Our advice: If you have roof damage from a storm, call Michael R. Lawless, P.A. before notifying your insurance company. Remember that your insurance company makes maximum profit by minimizing or denying your claim.

Col. & Mrs. J H
Lenexa, Kansas

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